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Stories of Flying Collaboration, American Airlines
While researching the history of American Airlines, I ran across this image of a normal work day from the early 1930's. To some people, the photo may look old, out of date, or even boring. But, there are some interesting elements if we take a moment to really notice what was captured in the photo. There are multiple industries and companies that are represented in the snapshot and a few of the companies are over 100 years old!
Early History of Stanley Tools
The manufacturing company known as the Stanley Works, appropriately takes its name from its founder, Frederick T. Stanley. After a few years' residence at the South, he returned to New Britain and resumed manufacturing. In 1842 he commenced making wrought bolts, hinges, door and chest handles, in a building on Washington Street, which had been used as an armory.
A Problem Well Understood is a Problem Half Solved, #BuildYourCulture
While browsing through YouTube the other day, I ran across this video and was intrigued by the story and by the number of leadership lessons that are present in the story.
Hello Everyone! In this article, we are taking a look at corporate cultures from around the world and asking the following question, What are the most popular core values that are being used?
The idea for this compilation of videos came from the research I have been doing on the relationship between core values, organizations, and companies.  During the research, I...
Naming Things, The Creative Power of Shared Experiences
Hello everyone. While reflecting upon some recent experiences, I found it interesting how a small group of people, (three) have somehow landed on a unique name that I really like...
Hey everyone, this is a short post about the books I am currently reading or considering reading.  The topics include leadership, creative writing, and creative photography.  Some of these titles...

The image pretty much sums up the sentiment of this website.  These words took a long time to come together.  One morning while getting ready for work, they just popped...

Alcoa Vision Statement
For some reason, vision statements are a passion of mine. The interest started by creating core values and a mission statement for a software company.  Then, the vision statement became...
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Hello Everyone.  Personally, it has been a time of reading these past few months.  The motivation to read goes in waves for me.  I have been on a reading kick...


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