Naming Things, The Creative Power of Shared Experiences
Hello everyone. While reflecting upon some recent experiences, I found it interesting how a small group of people, (three) have somehow landed on a unique name that I really like. The name is "The Mushroom Tacos." You may ask yourself... "What kind of name is that? Why would you use that?" The short answer is... it reflects our shared experience.

The Scene

Here is the situation. Three people in Indianapolis have entered into a community focused project, sponsored by the culture powered marketing firm Small Box, which is an exercise in cultural innovation. This group of three people is being guided by an external entity, Culture Sync. A really great management consulting firm specializing in increasing the performance of corporate cultures.

The program started off as a six week engagement, but has expanded to seven weeks (Yeah flexibility!) Here are a few guidelines the group is operating on:

  • Create a triad (three people)
  • Identify a geographic area
  • Identify an under served community within the geographic area
  • Formulate an action plan
  • Take action
There is a lot more to it, but for now, this will do.

The Challenge

At an early stage in the process, an opportunity to find a name presented itself.  This was not a request from the consulting firm, but an idea the group came up with on its own. It seemed like a natural fit. The group could name itself.

The challenge we faced was timing.  We identified the possibility, but really had no frame of reference to work with.  As we met every week, we spent time talking, discussing, identifying needs, and slowly but surely formulating an action plan.


While all this was going on, we noticed something remarkable.  We were creating and capturing shared experiences.

The moments in time revolved around funny situations that the three of us all experienced.  The words mushroom and tacos were linked to remarks and situations that created reference points during our journey. In essence, the words reflect our shared experiences.

This has a really powerful effect.  We are now connected through a name, "The Mushroom Tacos."  The name holds a reflection of who we are and where we have been.  It may also point to the potential of the group.  Whatever the future holds for us... we know it's going to be different, action oriented, fun, and community focused.  I am proud to call myself a Mushroom Taco.

Below, is a visual design of the Mushroom Taco.

Image created by:
This image is great!

In Closing

If you ever find yourself looking to name something, here are a few thoughts to help the process:
  • Be patient
  • Notice: capture the experiences/fun moments
  • Let the name pick you
That's it for now. I hope this post helps your future naming exercises in some small way.

Thanks for visiting!
Jeremy H,


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