First and foremost, our business is a reflection of who we are. We have passion for our products, an appreciation of their heritage and a genuine belief in their benefits. To that end, our business is also a reflection of what we choose to represent - quality products that are comfortable, unique, timeless and respectful of the world around us. This was taken from the employment page.
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Birkenstock's purpose is to share with the American people our heartfelt belief that comfortable, healthy footwear is important to everyone because it can contribute to happiness and well-being. Through our distribution of high-quality Birkenstock footwear, we strive to create positive, harmonious relationships with employees, customers and vendors, emphasizing honesty and integrity in all that we do. Within our company, our goal is to provide an atmosphere that stimulates growth and creativity among employees and rewards and encourages their contributions.
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I actually own a Bern helmet, for skateboarding. Long boarding to be specific.

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