Illinois Tool Works is a company that was founded in 1912 by Byron L. Smith. The company is a manufacturer of specialized industrial equipment. They conduct business in over 57 countries and have over 50,000 employees.
Freeport-McMoran is a mining and petroleum company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was founded in 1912 by Eric Pierson Swenson adn currently has over 30,000 employees worldwide.

The Fluor Corporation is a multinational engineerign and construction firm that is based in Irving, Texas. The company has an annual revenue of over 19 billion dollars and there are over 61,000 employees.

Steelcase is a global, publicly traded company leading our industry with fiscal 2012 revenue of approximately $2.75 billion and nearly 10,000 employees around the world. The leadership team is based at the global headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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The first Aldi store was founded in 1913 in Essen Germany. The mission of Aldi is to provide "Simply Smarter Shopping." Aldi has been following...

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