Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am the main person behind this website.

About Me

For almost 20 years, I worked for a series of software based startup companies and medium sized technology companies.  Many of the roles were technical in nature with solid digital marketing experience.  Early in my career I had the opportunity to experience large multi-national corporations with tens of thousands of employees.  

Today as a small business owner, I manage, maintain, and grow corporate websites for their digital marketing efforts. By using leadership based skills and training, I help companies create strategic, action based processes their internal teams can rally behind.

This Website

BuildYourCulture.com is a place to explore and be inspired by the topics of leadership, employee engagement, and team alignment.  This site is a direct result of years worth of corporate leadership training and the insights that were gained when working with individuals and teams to create alignment in a software company.

If you are interested in leadership based topics, then here are a few areas of interest on BuildYourCulture.com:
  • Exploring the question: "What is leadership?"
  • What does leadership look like?
  • Where is the greatest opportunity for growth within an organization?
  • What are the largest companies doing to upgrade and improve their own cultures?
  • How can individuals become the next great leaders or their organizations?
  • Are any tools being used to increase team effectiveness and corporate growth?
  • "What is the ROI of culture?"
These may seem like large questions, but finding and sharing groups that are doing amazing work is the direction of this website.  This is a place to explore the ups and downs of corporate cultures from various industries around the world.

It is my hope that you find value in this website and realize that you as an individual have the greatest opportunity to make the biggest impact within your respective organizations.  If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at anytime here.

Jeremy H.