Welcome to the media page!  In this section of the website we have a collection of multi-media that is focused on the histories, stories, and cultures of companies and organizations from around the world.  The research area will have areas of study we find interesting in specific sectors of the markets.

Culture Decks

This is a collection of presentations, pdfs, and general documentation that has been created by corporations to explain their cultural positions.


The photography area has images that visualize the stories and cultures of organizations.  The photos may represent the existing culture of a company, help tell the story of how a company was founded, and share the important milestones an organization experiences over time.


The podcast section of BuildYourCulture.com is a collection of corporate communications that have been produced and published by companies from around the world.  If you are interested in learning about a specific company, they may have a podcast waiting for you!


Many of these videos have been produced by companies to help tell their own story. If you are looking for a company story in video format, then this may be a great place to learn about a company or get inspired for your own company video.