A Problem Well Understood is a Problem Half Solved, #BuildYourCulture

While browsing through YouTube the other day, I ran across this video and was intrigued by the story and by the number of leadership lessons that are present in the story.  If you are interested in leadership or upgrading organizational cultures, you may find the following video interesting:

The following questions may aid in identifying key areas.

What is not working in the world and needs to be fixed?
What is the Gracie family looking to create in the world?
What specific things are people noticing about Austin and how does it change over time?

Depending on how you think about leadership, language may play a big role in identifying how people are interacting within a group or organization.  By carefully listening to the video, we are able to hear some of the following words being used: confidence, connecting, intensifying, building, and family.

Additional words may be identified in the video, but the important thing is to ask the question, what exactly is going on here? Personally, I find it helpful to think of real-life situations as scences in a play or theatrical production.  The actors on the stage are reciting words and dialog that propel a storyline in a certain direction.  It can be beneficial to simply ask, "How is this scene occurring?  Where are things headed?" By paying attention to the words used, you may be able to paint a more complete picture of how things work within a group.

Another interesting point is when Ryron Gracie shares a comment that his grandfather used to say: "You have no idea what your potential is." It is great to see a family business that continues to use the thoughts and direction laid down by the family members.

From a leadership perspective, I hope you found something inspiring in this video.

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